At Safe Harbor Collateral Solutions we understand the need for cost effective, timely, and quality valuation services. Mortgage lenders and the legal profession are faced with, and recognize, the unique opportunity to provide a broad range of valuation services ranging from AVM’s, full appraisal reports, drive-by appraisal reports, valuation reconciliations, and field and desk reviews.
We are confident that our services will effectively address your needs. Our goal is to provide lenders, servicer’s, and the legal profession with a full range of valuation products, review products, and reconciliation products.
Safe Harbor is committed to provide our clients the following services:

  • Full Service of Products - Safe Harbor provides real estate valuation products and services ranging from your standard appraisal products, automated valuations (AVM’s), fraud flip tools (TrueRisk ReportTM), valuation reconciliations, to field and desk reviews.

  • Quality Assurance - Quality Assurance (QA) department is the first line of defense for the monitoring of all valuation products to assure accuracy, reliability, and compliance with required guidelines. Our QA department is responsible for the management and maintenance of the panels used to provide valuation products. The department reviews new potential valuation providers, auditing of current panel, and production reviews to check for completeness, accuracy and compliance with our requirements.

  • Technology - Safe Harbor utilizes the latest technology with a fully automated web based ordering and delivery system. Our proprietary collateral and vendor management system is fully compliant with all regulatory guidelines as well as the Home Value Code of Conduct (HVCC).

Safe Harbor strives to build relationships by maintaining a more personal, consultative philosophy. We offer flexibility and dependability to ensure accurate, reliable and comprehensive valuation products for our client every time.

Knowledgeable professionals. Sophisticated technology. Solutions for a changing industry.